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Get Ready to Be Amazed by the Possibilities at Premier Karate of Andover, MN!

If you've ever wanted to change your life, now's the time, and here's the place: Premier Karate of Andover, Minnesota. We are martial arts and fitness professionals who are dedicated to changing lives, encouraging growth and ensuring a great time. Here, you'll not only learn to defend yourself, but you'll also learn to become a more developed person. As you rise in the belt ranks, and learn the proper techniques to to defend yourself, you will notice your self-confidence soar. Kids develop the expertise to deal with bullying situations and the confidence to walk away from negative peer pressure. Parents often tell us they have noticed their child focusing better in the classroom which leads to better grades.

Learn, Grow and Get in Shape

At Premier Karate in Andover, MN, you won't simply participate in class - you ARE the class! We take the time to focus on you, the individual, to help you develop skills which are second to none. Our classes are centered around our students, and each class consists of a variety of exercises, skills and fun. We encourage each one of our students to develop themselves into the person they have always wanted to be, and this is demonstrated in each class we teach.

Aside from our adult classes, we also offer classes for kids (ages 4-6, our Little Ninjas), youth-to-adult Taekwon-Do, and teen-to-adult Hapkido.

Fusion Fitness is a Full Body Workout GUARANTEED to Provide Stunning Results!

Additionally, we offer Fusion Fitness classes for those who wish to burn calories, learn new moves and have a blast while getting in shape. This class is a specially designed blend of kickboxing, pilates and yoga. This method incorporates cardio for some serious fat burning, stretching for greater flexibility, with a fusion of strengthening and conditioning exercises.

As a Student at Premier Karate of Andover, MN, You Will Learn:

-The best ways to stretch
-Aerobic exercises for maximum calorie burning
-Important self-defense strategies and techniques
-Fun workout routines
-Group exercises
-Self Esteem, Self Growth and Inner Vision

We Focus on Whole-Self Development

While many people consider martial arts to be all about fighting, the fact is, martial arts is more about developing the self. We understand this fact, and our instructors take the time to help each of our students to delve deeper into themselves than ever before; we want our students to become aware of their true selves and abilities. We encourage a fun, exciting program, and we only hire instructors who can offer the same. Often, our students learn more about themselves in our classes than at any other martial arts' studio in the country. We encourage our students to look inward, all while instructing them in self defense. Our classes are specially designed to offer not just physical activity, but also mental, emotional and spiritual activity.

Looking for Fun Events?

If you're in the mood for some fun events, then Premier Karate of Andover, MN is the place to be! We offer exciting events all year for our students and the community! From Parent's Night Out to games and challenges to Bring-A-Buddy Night, Premier offers the most comprehensive events in the area. We encourage each of our students to become involved in their communities, their families and their own lives. We believe that martial arts is about developing the whole self!

Our Amazing Staff is Waiting for YOU!

At Premier Karate of Andover, MN, our students can't say enough about our professional, courteous staff. We take pride in hiring only the best, and that's why we deliver only the best! Our students love the personalized attention they receive from us, and they can't say enough about how welcome they feel. We know that you have many choices in the Andover area when it comes to martial arts, and we're honored that you have considered Premier.

If you have ever even considered participating in martial arts, getting in shape, having fun and learning from some of the best professionals in the area, give us a call at 763-576-1890 - find out what we can offer you today! When you call, make sure to ask about our free trial program - you have NOTHING to lose! We are so sure that you will love Premier Karate of Andover, MN, that we're willing to let you try us out at no cost to you! In fact, once you've experienced the difference we can make in your life or the life of your child, we know you'll be a student for life!