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Announcements for week of 3/22, Leadership Team Event, BB Test

Andover Premier Karate & Martial Arts Academy

Announcements for week of March 22:

  • Congratulations to Mr. Green

  • Leadership Team Spring Information Event

  • Black Belt Street Defense – Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30 pm

  • Sparring team and sparring classes

  • Little Ninja skill stripes for the week

  • Hapkido chevron test

  • TKD Stripe testing information

  • TKD color belt test information

  • TKD and Hapkido Poom and Black Belt formal test information

Congratulations to Mr. Green

Congratulations to Mr. Green on his promotion to 1st Degree Black Belt in Taekwon-Do last Friday. He did a great job and is now a 3rd generation Black Belt of the Green family. We also want to thank Mr. Christopherson, Mr. Hunstand, and Mr. Rydberg for volunteering to help with the test.

Leadership Team Spring Information Event

We will be having our first leadership team information event this Saturday (3/27) from Noon to 1:30 pm. This is your chance to get noticed.  Here are the details:

  • Who can attend? – Any TKD yellow belt or above that is interested in learning how to be an effective leader and wants to know more about leadership team.  

  • How do I sign up? - We are limiting this to the first 12 to sign up.  The sign up link is

  • What are the benefits of leadership team? – Students learn and get hands on practice developing effective positive leadership skills and how to handle difficult situations that will help them now and in the future in school, sports and work. We also hire all of our paid instructors and staff from our leadership team.

  • What will we do at the event? - We will cover the following topics and will be doing drills and games. We will also have prizes for the winners.

    • What is leadership team

    • What do we look for in members

    • How to spot when corrections are needed

    • How to provide positive feedback to others

    • How to motivate and inspire others

    • Terminology

    • Games and Prizes

Black Belt Street Self-Defense this Wednesday and Thursday during 7:30 pm class

Black belts can wear regular clothes to class during these classes and we will work on situational training.

Sparring Classes and Sparring Team

We have a sparring class Saturdays from 10:40 am to 11:10 am that is open to all TKD yellow belts and above (you don't have to be on the sparring team) that have their own sparring gear.

Sparring Team is for those that want to compete at tournaments in sparring and members get to wear the gray Team DC uniform.

If you have any questions please e-mail them to me at

Little Ninjas and Tigers

We will work on Yellow (Balance) and Orange (Memory) stripes this week in class.

Hapkido Chevron Test

We will have the next Hapkido chevron test for black belts will be Friday, April 9 at 6:30 pm. The chevron test fee is $25. We will be hitting Hapkido hard the next 3 weeks of black belt classes

TKD Stripe Testing

Stripe testing will be Wednesday (3/31), Thursday (4/1) and Saturday (4/3) during regular class times.

TKD Color Belt Test

I will e-mail students that may be eligible based on the attendance and number of stripes they currently have this week.

The TKD color belt test will be Friday, April 2nd at 6:30 pm

TKD and Hapkido Poom and Black Belt Test

The next TKD and Hapkido Poom and Black Belt Test will be Friday, April 9th at 6:30 pm

Have a great day, Mr. O'Neill