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New sign up links for April 26 to May 22

Andover Premier Karate & Martial Arts Academy


Here are the links to new sign up sheets for April 26 to May 22

In-Person and Zoom Group Lesson Sign Up

In-Person and Zoom Private Lesson Sign Up 

IMPORTANT CHANGE - New limit is Monthly not weekly anymore.  New limit is 2 private lessons per month.

Before COVID hit we offered free private lessons only on Saturday.  As most of our students are now taking classes in person we have had to shift staff to the largest in-person classes resulting in fewer private lessons slots being available. This has resulted in private lessons being completely booked most days and some students have not been able to get private lessons in.  The change from 1 private lesson per week, to 2 per month will allow all students to have access to private lessons.

I am not aware of any school in the state that offers as many free private lessons as we do.

Please enter "In-Person" or "Zoom" after your name when you sign up