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Announcements for week of 6/7

Andover Premier Karate & Martial Arts Academy

Announcements for this week (week #1):

  • Congratulations to those that earned their new belts last week

  • Student “Dream Big” Recognition Cards

  • TKD students bring sparring gear to class this week

  • No Leadership Team meeting this week

  • Private Lessons

  • Random Acts of Kindness

  • Steel Proof Master Topic #1 – Mr. Cool

  • Little Ninjas and Tigers – Green and Yellow stripes this week

  • VIP Passes

Congratulations to those that earned their new belts last week

  • TKD – Jackson (Orange), Kate, Patrick (Yellow), Ames, Davis, Chloe (High Yellow), Isaac (Blue)

Student “Dream Big” Recognition Cards

The following students demonstrated excellence in classes during the month of May and challenged themselves to “Dream Big” to be the best that they can be in class. Students should get their “Dream Big” postcard next week in the mail.

  • George, Layton, Mason H., Emma R., Gavin R., Coby, Sophia R., Jackson, Chloe, Garret, Braydon, Evan E., Emily, Isaac, Lillian, Elliot, Mr. Burns, Ms. Mrugala, Ben, Brady, Colin M., Patrick, Aditya, Kaylie, Collin K., Sophia A., Easton

TKD students bring sparring gear to class this week

TKD yellow belts and above that have their own sparring gear need to bring it to class this week.

No Leadership Team Meeting for This Week

The next meeting will be Monday June 14th from 6:55 pm to 7:35 pm

Private Lessons

We have openings most days for private lessons. Sign up using the link below:

Students can take 2 free private lessons per month.

Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Journals Are Required for Belt Tests

The character development component for belt testing is for students to complete RAK journal for each belt test. You can pick up a RAK journal at the front desk.

Steel Proof Master Topic #1 – Mr. Cool

With students out of school and spending more time outdoors it is a good time to discuss child abduction prevention techniques with out students in an age appropriate messaging. This week we start week 1 of a 10 week series based on the child abduction prevention program called the Steel Proof Master. Each week we will discuss a common trick using the 10 evil warriors to explain it. This week we will discuss Mr. Cool.

Little Ninjas and Tigers

We will work on Green (Control) and Yellow (Balance) stripes this week in class.

VIP Passes

If you know of anyone who could benefit or is interested in the martial arts let us know. We will print you some VIP passes to give them. You will get gift card as a thank you for each new student that enrolls in the school.

Have a great day, Mr. O'Neill