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Announcements for the week of 7/19

Andover Premier Karate & Martial Arts Academy

Announcements for week of 7/19.

  • Private Lesson Sign Up
  • VIP Passes
  • Evil warrior for this week - Child abduction prevention
  • Black Belt Street Self-Defense Wednesday and Thursday
  • TKD stripe and belt test dates
  • Little Ninja & Tigers stripes for this week
  • Next Leadership Team Information Event

Private Lesson Sign Up

The sign up link for July and August is provided below:

Student can take 2 private lessons per month.  Also, if you want the private lesson to be done by Zoom instead of In-person, you must put "Zoom" in the comment field or after your name.

VIP Passes

Next week students will be given VIP passes with their name on them that they can give their friends to try out Premier Karate with 2 free classes and a free uniform.  If their friend signs up after their trial program, the student gets a $50 Visa Gift Card as a thank you for sharing Premier Karate.  Advertising is expensive and we would prefer to reward our students for new members instead of paying large internet companies. 

Evil warrior for this week - Child abduction prevention

We will be spending some more time on the 4th evil warrior "The Magician" again this week.

Black Belt Street Self-Defense Wednesday and Thursday

Black belts can wear regular clothes to the Wednesday and Thursday 7:40 pm class.  We will be using marking practice knives with the knife defenses to help the black belts see if they got "slashed" by the practice knife.  Make sure pick clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.

TKD stripe and belt test dates

TKD stripe testing will be Wed 7/28, Thurs 7/29 and Sat 7/31.

The Belt test will be Friday 7/30 at 6 pm.  Mr. O'Neill will be sending out e-mails tonight to those that are eligible to belt test if their earn their last stripe on Wed 7/28 or Thurs 7/29.

Little Ninja & Tigers stripes for this week

Mon/Tues will be Yellow stripe (Balance) and Wed/Thurs will be Orange stripe (memory)

Next Leadership Team Information Event

I have started to plan the next leadership team information event and here are the details:

  • Who can attend? - TKD Green Belts and Above that are not current leadership team members.
  • Who should attend? - Students that are interested in developing leadership skills that will help them in school, sports and life.  Leadership team is also my sounding board for changes or new things for the school and leadership team get to hear about it first.  We also hire all of our paid instructors from our leadership team.
  • What will we do? - We have selection of drills and games to see where students are in the key aspects that Mr. O'Neill has found to be good indicators of leadership success.  We will also have some prizes for contest and drill winners.
  • How do I join Leadership Team? - Leadership team is a by invitation only program.  We use these leadership team information events to help identify who should be invited to the leadership team.
  • When is the event? - I am still working out the details, but I am looking at the middle of August.

Have a great day!, Mr. O'Neill