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Announcements for week of August 2nd

Andover Premier Karate & Martial Arts Academy

  1. Sparring Gear — Bring sparring gear to class this week, make sure you have a mouth guard.  You can not spar without a complete set of protective equipment
  2. TKD students that missed stripe testing last week or missed Belt testing — Check with an instructor to see if you are eligible for make up this week.
  3. Little Nina and Tiger Stripes — Memory (Orange Stripe) and Discipline (White Stripe)
  4. Leadership Team — No meeting this week
  5. Demo Team — Tryouts for Demo Team will be held in September, more details next week
  6. Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Journals — Students are required to turn in a RAK journal for each belt test.  Pick up a RAK journal on the beige cabinet by the front desk.
  7. Evil Warrior #6 “The Messenger” - This evil warrior claims someone you love is hurt and they are going to take you to them.
  8. July Recognition Cards “You Rock” - The following students were recognized for their perseverance and courtesy in classes in July — Nawal, Anna, Sofia D., Emily, Tyler, Chaya, Colin M., Isaac, Mason D., Dylan, Stacey, Ethan, Andrew B., George,  Johnny, Merlin, Brayden, Dalia, Evan, Easton, Ben, Sophia A., Jack S., Chloe, Owen and Ryan