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Announcements for week of 8/9 (week #2)

Andover Premier Karate & Martial Arts Academy

  • Congratulations to students who earned their belts
  • Board breaking week
  • Updated class schedule
  • Leadership Team meeting next Wednesday (8/18) from 6:55 to 7:35 pm
  • Saturday sparring classes
  • Demo Team news
  • Steel Proof Master Topic #6 – The Messenger
  • Little Ninja skill stripes for the week
  • VIP Passes

Congratulations to those that earned their new belts at the July 30th Belt test and the makeup tests

  • Orange TKD – Arabella, Dalia, Nawal, Gionni
  • Yellow TKD – Tyler
  • High Yellow TKD – Brayden, Evan, Sophia, Cullen, Collin K,
  • High Blue TKD – Sam S.

Board breaking week

We will be doing board breaking in classes this week. The key to board breaking is focus and determination. In board breaking you need to focus on the center of the board where it is the easiest to break. You need to tune out all distractions and doubts when you do board breaking.

The same goes for doing well on home work. Turn off distractions such as the TV, Youtube, etc. so that you can focus.

Updated Class Schedule

To give us a little more time to transition from the Little Ninja and Beginner TKD classes we have adjusted the start time of those classes by 5 minutes. I have attached the updated class schedule to this e-mail.

Looking forward to the fall if  the combined Intermediate and Advanced TKD class becomes too large, we will split this group into two classes.

Leadership Team Meeting Next Wednesday (11/18)

The next Leadership Team meeting will be next Wednesday (8/18) from 6:55 to 7:35 pm. We will continue our teaching practice and curriculum review. We will also spend time brain storming new drills for the next leadership team info event in September.

Saturday Sparring Classes

We have a sparring class Saturdays from 10:45 am to 11:25 am that is open to all TKD yellow belts and above that have their own sparring gear. This bonus class does not count toward your 3 classes per week limit.

If you have any questions please e-mail them to me at

Demo Team News

The first tournament we will compete at will be held in February or March 2022 in the Twin Cities. Since we have time to get ready we are going to wait to hold the tryouts until the 2nd week of September to give the kids a chance to get settled into school. The tryouts are to determine which level of the team students will start at.

Steel Proof Master Topic #6 – The Messenger

This week's child abduction prevention technique will cover the Messenger evil warrior and the tricks that he uses to get you separated from others so they can harm you. The Messenger will tell you that your mother, father or other loved one is hurt and they are going to take you to the hospital to see them.  To prevent this type of abduction it is good to have a code word so that your child will only go with someone that know the code word or have a talk to your child about whom they are allowed to go somewhere with.  We will role play how to verbally respond to the evil warrior's tricks and how to use their self-defenses if their verbal defenses do not work.

Little Ninjas and Tigers

We will work on Black (Fitness) and Blue (Teamwork) stripes this week in class.

VIP Passes

If you know of anyone who could benefit or is interested in the martial arts let us know. We will print you some VIP passes to give them. You will get gift card as a thank you for each new student that enrolls in the school.

Have a great day, Mr. O'Neill