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Announcements for week of 11/15

Andover Premier Karate & Martial Arts Academy

Announcements for this week (week #3):

Summary, complete details after the bullets below

  • Premier Karate Hoodie and Sweatshirt sale

  • Sparring Gear Sale

  • Thanksgiving Week hours

  • No Leadership team this week

  • Black Belt Street Defense – Bring Winter Gloves

  • Sparring team and sparring classes

  • Little Ninja & Tigers skill stripes for the week

  • Little Ninja training videos updated

  • Hapkido make up chevron test – Friday December 3rd at 6 pm

  • TKD Stripe testing is the week after Thanksgiving

  • TKD color belt test is Friday, December 3rd at 6 pm

  • TKD and Hapkido Poom and Black Belt formal test – Friday, December 10th at 6 pm

Premier Karate Hoodie and Sweatshirt Holiday Sale

We e-mailed the sale flyer earlier this evening, and are handing out the flyers in classes. The Hoodies and Sweatshirts will be available in 4 colors (White, Ash, Dark Heather, Sapphire) in youth and adult sizes.

We will accept orders through Friday, November 26, which is earlier than last year to hopefully avoid supply chain issues so we can get them in time for the holiday. Send an e-mail to with your order (style, color and size) or if you have any questions.

Sparring Gear Sale

TKD students starting at yellow belts can spar in class (required for high green belts and above). We have been offering a complete sparring gear package for $139 available in 9 colors. We will place our last order for sparring gear packages for $139 price on Friday, December 3rd.

The price of the sparring gear package will be raised in January to $149 due to price increases from our suppliers.

Thanksgiving Week Hours

We will be open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week. We will be closed Thursday and Saturday.

Leadership Team

No meeting this week. The next meeting will be Saturday December 4th at 10 am

Black Belt Street Self-Defense this Wednesday and Thursday during 7:30 pm class

Black belts can wear regular clothes to class during these classes and we will work on situational training. Bring your winter gloves or mittens for winter scenario training.

Sparring Classes and Sparring Team

We have a sparring class Saturdays from 10:40 am to 11:10 am that is open to all TKD yellow belts and above (you don't have to be on the sparring team) that have their own sparring gear.

Sparring Team is for those that want to compete at tournaments in sparring and members get to wear the gray Team DC uniform.

If you have any questions please e-mail them to me at

Little Ninjas and Tigers

We will work on Yellow (Balance) and Orange (Memory) stripes this week in class.

Hapkido Chevron Test this Friday, December 3rd at 6 pm

We will have the next Hapkido chevron test on this Friday, December 3rd at 6 pm. The chevron test fee is $25.

TKD Stripe Testing will be the week after Thanksgiving

Stripe testing will be Wednesday (12/1), Thursday (12/2) and Saturday (12/4) during regular class times.

TKD Color Belt Test will be December 3rd at 6 pm

I will e-mail students that may be eligible based on the attendance and number of stripes they currently have next week.

TKD and Hapkido Poom and Black Belt Test will be Decmember 10th at 6 pm

The following students will be testing – Anna, Ben, Colin M., Emma, Chaya, Owen, Hannah, Julia, Evan

Have a great day, Mr. O'Neill