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Announcements for week of 4/11

Andover Premier Karate & Martial Arts Academy

Here are the announcements for this week

  • Sign Up Link for April/May free private lessons
  • Recognition cards for last week
  • School will be closed Saturday
  • No Demo Team Practice this week
  • Next Leadership Team meeting
  • Black Belt street self-defense

Sign Up Link for April/May free private lessons

Students take up to 2 free private lessons per month.  The sign up link is provided below:

Recognition Cards for Last Week

The theme of the recognition cards for April is "Wow!".  Students that perform well in class or are good examples of the 5 tenants of TKD (Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Indomitable Spirit) are eligible to receive a "Wow!" recognition card.  The following students earned a "Wow!" card last week and should get them in the mail in the next couple of days.

Andrew D., Grace, Sophia A., Hoshinami, Ibrahim, Parker, Brady, Caleb, Lillian

Congratulations to those that earned their new belts last week

  • TKD 1st Dan - Anna and Benjamin Moline

  • TKD Poom - Gavin and Sophie Swiggart, Colin M

  • TKD High Green - Collin K

  • TKD Green Belt  - Elliot

Board breaking week

We will be doing board breaking in classes this week. The key to board breaking is focus and determination. In board breaking you need to focus on the center of the board where it is the easiest to break. You need to tune out all distractions and doubts when you do board breaking.

The same goes for doing well on home work. Turn off distractions such as the TV, Youtube, etc. so that you can focus.

School will be Closed Saturday

School will be closed Saturday for the Easter weekend.

Demo Team

No practice this week

Leadership Team

Next meeting is Saturday April 30th at 10 am

Black Belt Street Self-Defense

Wednesday 4/20 and Thursday 4/21 during the 7:40 pm class