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4th of July Week and Andover Fun Fest Info

Andover Premier Karate & Martial Arts Academy

We are open the following days - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this week regular hours and we will do make up stripe and belt testing as well.

We are CLOSED the following days - We are closed Tuesday for the 4th of July and Saturday July 8th for the Andover Fun Fest.

Please consider marching with Premier Karate at the Andover Fun Fest Parade - Students don't have to be on Demo team to march in the parade and hand out candy.  Students that are not on Demo Team but want to march with us please wear your white uniform pants, belt and a Premier Karate T-shirt and be at the Andover High School parking lot at 10:30 am and look for the yellow Premier Karate banners.  The parade will start at 11 am and go from Andover High School to Andover City Hall and we should be done by Noon.  Parents can walk with us too!

Andover Fun Fest Stage Show - All students are invited to watch the Premier Karate Demo Team perform on the main stage at the Andover Fun Fest Andover behind Andover City Hall from  5 pm to 5:23 pm.  Watch do sword, sai and Bo Staff techniques, self-defense and board breaking with real boards.

Little Ninja Stripes for this week - Monday Fitness (Black) and Wed/Thurs Teamwork (Blue).  Also we encourage Little Ninjas to be part of the parade.

Demo Team Information for this week

Monday 7/3 - 7:40 pm to 8 pm

Wednesday 7/5 - 7:40 pm to 8 pm

Thursday 7/6 - 7:40 pm to 8 pm

Friday 7/7 - 5:30 pm to 7 pm (full scale practice for stage show)

Demo Team Parade Info

Please arrive at 10 am at the Andover High School parking lot.  We will get organized, put on sunscreen and practice.  The parade starts at 11 am and goes to Andover City Hall.  We should be done with the parade around noon.

Fun Fest Stage Show - Saturday 7/8

Students meet at the Premier Karate booth next to Andover City Hall at 4pm for a final run through practice before we start the stage show.

The stage show starts at 5 pm and runs around 25 minutes.