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Announcements for 4/24 to 4/28:

Andover Premier Karate & Martial Arts Academy

  • TKD stripe testing will be next Wed, Thurs and Saturday during regular class times.

  • LN and TKD Belt tests are next Friday May 3rd, Little Ninja's belt test at 6 pm, TKD color belt test starts at 7 pm

  • Forms class this Friday at 6pm, strongly recommended for all students that are planning on belt testing this month

  • Sparring class at 6:45 pm Friday, strongly recommended for high green and above belt testing this month

  • Black Belts can wear old street clothes to class Wednesday and Thursday during the 7:30 pm class

  • Demo Team - Creative fighting from 9 am to 9:45 am and P-squad from 9:45 am to 11 am. The other small groups will start next week

  • Black Belt Chevron make up test is Friday, May 3rd at 7 pm

  • High Red and Poom belts need to attend 2 back to back classes for stripe testing next week