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Andover Premier Karate

Life Skills, Martial Arts and Fitness: Your Child's Path to Success!

Martial arts is more than just self-defense. At Andover Premier Karate, we have personally seen the tremendous impact martial arts have on the life of a child. Not only do our students make new friends and have a great time, they improve their health and raise their confidence levels and ability to focus and concentrate within just weeks!

Training That Never Seems Like Work!

Andover Premier Karate's Children Martial Arts Program is geared toward helping students learn self-defense while having an amazing time in a caring, encouraging atmosphere. We accept boys and girls ages 4 and up. Every member of our staff is dedicated to your child's success. We tailor training to meet individual student goals and help students reach their full potential. Our classes are full of excitement, fun and learning for students of all skill levels!

Every Class at Andover Premier Karate Includes:

  • Practical Self-Defense Lessons

  • Physical Conditioning and Strengthening

  • Anaerobic and Aerobic Skills

  • Life Skill Lessons

  • Fun and Excitement!
Your Child's Life With Karate

Your child's life will completely change. You'll get to watch your son or daughter gain the confidence necessary to handle bullies and resist peer pressure. Your child will become more healthy, physically fit, and you'll see the respective behavior you've always hoped for begin to shine. At Andover Premier Karate, we seen these amazing changes in our students year after year! The benefits of martial arts are not just limited to our classes. Many of our students report an increase in school grades and better behavior in school as a result of our training!

Personal Attention

We know that children work best when they're grouped with their peers. All classes at Andover Premier Karate are grouped by experience level and age. Your child will be with other children around the same age with the same skill set. By pairing children by age and experience, we help ensure your child will have a fun and safe training experience!

Our Staff: Dedicated to You and Your Child!

Our staff is trained to meet the needs of all students, from beginners to experts. All staff members are professionally trained and educators with a focus on martial arts, so you'll never have to worry about your child's safety. The staff will work with you and your child to develop a plan for success. Because our staff is so passionate about martial arts, life skills and fitness, they have developed a unique approach to training that mixes learning with fun and excitement!

Fun Events for You and Your Family!

You and your family will get to be a part of life here at the Andover Premier dojo. We have family fun events all year round, including Movie Night, holiday parties, contests and exciting challenges! Parents' Night Out provides you with a break while your children enjoy a fun activity, and your child can share the experience with a friend or family member on our Buddy Nights.

Don't Wait: Start Your Child's Road to Success Today!

Andover Premier Karate's Children Martial Arts Program is an amazing opportunity for your child to learn new health habits, practical self-defense and improve physical fitness while have a great time. The sooner your enroll your child, the faster your child will reap the rewards of a fun yet effective training program.

No matter what your goals for your child are, Andover Premier Karate is ready to help. Call us at 763-576-1890 today to learn how we help students improve their minds, bodies and spirits. Don't forget to ask our staff member about ourtrial program. We're confident that once we see what we have to offer, you'll want your child to become part of our family here at Andover Premier Karate!